What To Do To Clean The Leather Sofa At Home

Ideally, cleaning the leather sofa with the help of professionals will be a good thing to do. But, if you are willing to clean them at home then here are some guidelines that you need to follow. For cleaning the leather sofa at home there will be a need to arrange a few things. Just read the instructions given below and understand the varied options.

Clean The Leather Sofa
Clean The Leather Sofa

1. Vacuum clean the sofa first

The first important thing is to vacuum clean the sofa first. This will attract most of the dust particles and will make the area clean. Remove the cushions and cover every corner when it comes to cleaning the sofa. A good vacuum cleaner can help the sofa to be perfect in every way. So, you can get relief from the dust particles.

2. Remove the stains with warm water & vinegar

The next step should be to spot the stains and remove the same. You should take some warm water and add vinegar to the same. Now, dip a cloth in it and blot over the stain. On the leather sofa, if you follow this process twice, you will be able to get rid of the dirt marks and stains.

3. Use the leather cleaner cum conditioner to give a sparkling effect to the sofa

You must make a mix of water and liquid sofa conditioner cum cleaner. Now, dip the clean cloth in it and then move it around the sofa. The whole sofa should be covered back and forth. After this, just clean the entire sofa with a damp cloth. So, you will see that there will be a perfect shine on your sofa and it will look like a new one.

4. Let the sofa dry up in the fan

After the completion of the above process, you will have to let the sofa dry up in the fan. So, make sure that you switch on the fan.

With the above method for cleaning leather sofa at home, you will be amazed to see the results. So, this will ensure that the sofa becomes allergen-free. There should be no dust left. 

You must follow the entire process in the right way and this will ensure that the sofa stays in the good condition. If you follow these processes then you will see that the life of your sofa will be prolonged.


A leather sofa needs proper care. If you ignore the same then you will see that there would be an accumulation of dirt and dust in the corners of the sofa. So, this indicates that there would be complete care. If you are not able to take the above efforts then you need to be clear about choosing the best professional.

A reliable upholstery cleaning company that has expert professionals will work well for you. Plan things in such a way that you know all things you need to get ahead with. So, the sofa will turn out to be like a new one if taken care of. You can contact us online or phone us at 0872 280 432 right now.

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