How to Tell If Water Damage is New or Old?

Water damage is a problem that occurs regularly not after a specific period. The water damage is quite prevalent in carpets, walls, and furniture, and other household items. Several times it is quite important to know whether the water damage is new or is persisting from a large period. Both of them have different ways of managing and caring. Carpet water damage restoration along with the restoration of other water-damaged materials is taken into care after knowing the roughly estimated age of water damage.

How to Know If The Water Damage is New or Old?

It is always a quite peculiar question to find out whether the water damage is new or old. Fortunately, there are a large number of ways by which anyone can get to know about the same. One thing that should be noted down through the whole process is that all the ways have some sort of exceptions and limits. No particular way can tell the perfect age of water damage with most accurate measures. 

Here are Some Ways by Which Anyone Can Easily Estimate Whether The Water Damage in Their House and Other Items is New or Old: 

  1. Pattern and Patches –

    When the water damage is old and persisting from a longer time, it generally leaves patches and patterns like rings on the items. In items such as carpets, the first way to get to know about the same is to look for some faded patches, these patches are due to stagnant water absorbed by the carpet. In furniture, there are some sort of patterns which decide the same. Flood damage restoration process can be done after and the faded area can be repainted.
  2. The Texture of The Item –

    When an area gets water eroded it becomes somewhat soft and weary in texture. In wooden appliances, the area becomes soft and spongy while in fabrics and especially carpets the area becomes weary and soft both. This is due to the reason that long-stagnant water makes a large hollow space and loosens the inter-distance among them.
  3. Growth of Microbes –

    Microbes generally grow over the surface which is supplied with much humidity and moisture. Microbes such as molds need moisture to grow and germinate quickly. Keep in mind that the molds start growing over the surface after 26 – 48 hours. The amount of growth of molds determines the age of water damage in the region.
  4. Take The Assistance of Experts If It is Baffling –

    When none of the conditions seem to be effective to get to know whether the water damage is new or old, taking the advice and the assistance of experts is beneficial for the same. Carpet water damage restoration in Perth experts are quite familiar with cases related to water damage and can give a proper solution for this.
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