How to Clean Spilt Beer from Carpets?

No matter how much ever you be careful while drinking beer some or the other time unintentionally you split it over your carpets. It is very important to take action for carpet stain removal. Moreover, carpets will starts smelling like beer as well. It is highly advised to clean the beer stains as soon as the accident takes place. Fresh beer stains can be easily removed out of the carpet whereas if the stains are ignored then later it becomes equally difficult to treat them. Beer goes directly into the fabric and damages it. Eventually, the stained area will become very dark and odd. Moreover, the smell of beer will attract the ants and pests towards it. There is a best and easy method through which you can clean the split beer from your carpets.

Clean Spilt Bear Stain
Clean Spilt Bear Stain

How to Remove Beer Stain and Odor From Carpets:

  1. Spong Up:

    When you see beer fall on your carpet, the first step you have to do is take a cloth or sponge and blot it. Extract the liquid as much as you can. Before it reaches deeply into fabric make sure you are removing the liquid. Apply some pressure while dabbing. Ensure that you are not rubbing it. If you rub it the stain will spread on the other areas of carpet too. 
  2. Vinegar Solution:

    Vinegar solution is the best solution to remove the beer stains from the carpet. Take 1/3rd of white vinegar which is antibacterial and 2/3rd some distilled water. Mix the water and vinegar properly and then pour it in a spray bottle. The water you will use should be of tap and the spray bottle also be reliable and environment-friendly. This solution is very strong and will effectively remove the beer stains out of your carpet. 
  3. Apply The Solution:

    Once you prepare the solution, apply it on the carpet. Spray it directly on the stained area and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Do not try to drench the solution. Let the solution set on the fabric efficiently and then take a white cloth and blot it out of the carpet. Repeat this step until the solution is deeply inserted into the fabric and spray bottle gets empty. It will help in attacking directly on the stains and taking it off the carpet.
  4. Add Detergent Solution:

    After applying vinegar solution you are supposed to add one more solution that is a detergent solution. Take one cup of detergent in a bowl and mix it with few drops of water. Sprinkle the detergent solution in the place where beer stains are present. Blot it properly using a piece of cloth. Do it until the stains start getting fade and no more smell is sensed. This will help in sanitizing the carpet as well as removing the bad odour of beer. 
  5. Cleanse The Area:

    Clean the beer-stained area by applying some amount of water. Try to use normal or tap water. Rinsing thoroughly will help in extracting detergent solution and vinegar solution from your carpet. Make sure you’re properly cleaning the carpets and removing most of the liquid out of it. Another thing which you have to take care is no solution is left in the fabric.
  6. Drying:

    Drying the carpet is the last thing which you have to do. You can use the best dryers available in the market. Let the carpets dry for some time and then you can use it. Do not use your carpets if it is wet as there may be a chance of bacteria formation. So be very careful when you dry your carpets.
Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Hire Experienced and Professional Cleaners

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