How To Clean And Maintain An Office Carpets

Commercial buildings are large and not so easy to manage. As in commercial buildings, the walk-ins never stop. Customers and employees come randomly again and again which makes the floor of a commercial building very dirty. 

And, for making commercial buildings attractive, business owners use carpets. But, as commercial buildings get involved in too much traffic. The carpet in the commercial building gets too dirty, color-faded, or stained and it’s no use to clean it.

While it’s very difficult to clean and maintain office carpets. And, dirty carpets cause many problems related to health like breathing problems, skin irritation, or other illnesses. So, in this article, we will talk about choosing a reliable carpet cleaning service in Perth for the same.

Office Carpet Cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning
  1. Keep Outdoor Area Clean: Keeping the commercial carpet clean is very difficult but not impossible. If you want to keep your commercial carpet clean, then, you need to keep your outdoor area clean. Because the dirt inside the office or commercial building comes from the outdoors, you should clean your outdoor areas properly. You can spill water in the outside areas to avoid mud or dirt outside.
  1. Provide Mats: For avoiding dust to come inside your office or commercial building, you can provide or use doormats at the entrance of your office. So, what will happen? Before coming inside people can wipe their shoes on the doormat. This will help you to clean or maintain an office carpet or keep away some amount of dirt. You can also use walk-off mats which are very helpful or successful to keep dirt away from the office carpet. But, do remember walk-off mats also need regular vacuuming.
  1. Vacuum Regularly: In the office, carpets are involved in high traffic areas. So, it needs regular or frequent vacuuming. For better results, what can you do? You can hire a professional team for cleaning or vacuuming, who will vacuum the office daily and keep the dirt away from your office carpets. And, if you have a small office with low traffic then, weekly vacuuming will be enough.
  1. Use Desk and Chair Mats: For avoiding or keeping dust away from your office carpets, you should use plastic mats under the tables or chairs in your office. Though plastic mats are generally built to prevent furniture marks or stains. They can also be used to prevent dirt from the carpet. You should target those areas where your employees frequently sit or eat, in those areas plastic mats will not keep dirt away from the carpets but also it works as a stain barrier.
  1. Prevent Common Stains: There are many areas in a commercial building that are very satisfactory for dust or germs to set up. To avoid it, you can place waterproof mats on those areas. The use of liquid is high like a near coffee machine or break room. So, you should use waterproof mats to prevent common stains. Also, you can use simple tips and tricks, no more dirty carpets.


So, these are some of the ways to clean or maintain office carpets. Following these steps, will help you to clean or maintain an office carpet. Normally, your office carpets are dirty as it deals with huge traffic daily. But, if you try to maintain or clean the office by following the above-recommended tips, you will be able to clean or maintain office carpets. Reach us via calling on 0872 280 432 or by filling the form below.