How Can You Maintain Carpets With Scotchgard?

The best practice for applying the Scotchgard always begins with the clean carpets present in your home. Hence, it is a liquid repellent and proprietary stain repellent for the furniture, carpets as well as upholstery. If you apply Scotchgard on the dirty carpet, you can easily lock the stain inside the carpet. In case, if your carpet is new, you should check your paperwork because many new carpets often come with the protectant already applied. If there is no such protection included then call us for Scotchguard spray for carpets. However, thorough vacuuming by experts of carpet cleaning can remove deep-down debris and dirt. Here is a proper guidance from our Scotchgard Carpet Cleaner which would help you to apply Scotchgard on your carpet and to protect it from accumulating hard stains. 

How to Scotchgard your Carpet?

This information is highly suggested by the carpet stain removal experts for cleaning the carpets and protecting them from the hard stains. Also, you can read about Scotchgard Carpet Cleaner and their works to understand the need for this service.

  • While you can buy spray-can versions of Scotchgard for treating the carpets with this protectant and it is more cost-effective to buy the liquid concentrated.
  • The concentrate Scotchgard is when mixed with water; provide some different coverage based on the type of carpet present in your house. You will get the most coverage on the following method (approximately 53 square feet over the quarter-gallon of the mixed liquid): 
  • Loop-pile carpets with less or approximately 5/16-inch piles. 
  • You can plush the carpet with the short naps, which is not greater than 3/8 inch tall. 
  • The pile usually weighs from 22 ounces to 36 ounces per square yard of the carpet. 
  • The carpet with the tall and thick piles, you can typically get half the coverage of the short-pile carpets. 

we are very sure that the Scotchguard spray for carpets will be useful in protecting your carpet against the dirt and stains particles.

Tips for Applying Scotchgard 

Though you can read and apply the tips for Scotchguard spray for carpets but some points may not be clear to you for which can consult the professionals. Never apply the tips if you are not confident about the work.

  • When you use an excessive amount of detergent, in that case, less is more – it leaves a residue on the fibers of the carpet which actually does the opposite work as it can attract stains and dirt. 
  • You should also make certain that you have extracted extra water from the carpet with the help of steam cleaner used by the carpet cleaning Walliston experts to go back over the cleaned area with the help of machine for lifting the dirty water from the carpet fibers
  • You should also test the moisture content in the carpet by applying the paper towel to it. Be very strict to the guidelines given by Scotchgard Carpet Cleaner.
  • Test the moisture content in the carpet by applying a paper towel to it, pressing it into the carpet fibers. If the paper towel does not pick up any moisture, the carpet is ready for Scotchgard.
  • You should also test the carpet inside the closet are for verifying that the Scotchgard treatment would not fade or change the color of carpets. 
  • You need to apply the Scotchgard treatment every day you steam-clean your carpets for the best results of the protection.  At last, getting the tips from the professionals on How to Scotchgard your Carpet? is the safest and effective way because you may not understand all the steps on your own.
Carpet Scotchgard Protection Services
Carpet Scotchgard Protection Services

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