Cleaning Tips for Leather Sofa

Leather is known to be among the popular furniture choices in the houses and they look quite elegant and classic in comparison to other upholstery fabrics. You would not like to get your leather sofa damaged by the different causes. The leather couch is considered one of the most expensive upholstery items you can think. There are many things which you need to take care of while the cleaning of the leather upholstery. Here are some of the cleaning tips for the leather sofa which you can follow.

Leather Couch Cleaning
Leather Couch Cleaning

Tips to Clean The Leather Sofa

You can nourish the leather by mixing one part of the white vinegar with two parts of the linseed oil and shake it well. After it applies the mixture to the leather sofa with the help of the soft cloth. You should always work in the circular motion, for covering the entire surface of the sofa.  It is important to rub the mixture thoroughly and allow it to sit for 10 minutes and buffing it with the soft cloth to get the shining leather surface. The expert leather couch cleaners suggest buffing one more time before sitting on the furniture.

You can also remove the dark stains from the light-colored upholstery items by mixing the past of the one part of the lemon juice with one part of the tartar cream. At last rub, the same paste on the stained area and leave for approximately 10 minutes. Then, you need to apply another layer of the paste on the stain, and then remove it with the help of a damp sponge or with the moisturizing soap.

The stains such as ink can be removed by the help of the dipped cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol and rubbing it on the surface of leather couch. In case, the stain remains there even after drying, then you need to apply the thick coat of the non-gel, non-oily cuticle remover and leave it for one night and wipe off with the help of a damp cloth.

The general Best Upholstery Cleaning in Perth can be done with the help of the moisturizing soap and lather it with the soft cloth by washing the item for removing the grime and dirt. You should not overwet the leather sofa and do not rinse it after washing, you only need to buff it with the help of a soft cloth. This will allow the soap to condition the leather and at last polish normally.

Always test for the colorfastness of your leather sofa before using any type of product for the cleaning. Hence, it is important otherwise you will result in the damage of your important

Leather Sofa Cleaning
Leather Sofa Cleaning

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