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Carpet Cleaning Perth

Effective, Reliable and Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Perth 
Carpet Cleaning Perth – Get your carpets cleaned and stain-free by the experts of Clean Master Perth at the most affordable prices. Serving for more than a decade, we have gained ample knowledge and skills in cleaning and restoring your rugs and carpets to new. Whether you want carpet cleaning services or carpet fibre protection, our experienced and well-trained experts can be your best bet.

  • 10+ years experience
  • Best prices in Perth
  • Same day services
  • Local carpet cleaning team
  • Serving all suburbs of Perth


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Residential Carpet Cleaning
 Residential Carpet Cleaning 

Make your home carpets as clean as new with Clean Master Perth’s experienced experts.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Bring back the lost shine of carpets at your workplace at affordable prices in Perth at CMP.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning
End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Leave the hassle of end of bond carpet cleaning to us and pay your attention to more important stuff.

Carpet is an integral part of homes and interiors. It is advisable that you maintain your carpets and keep them in perfect condition. Carpets are prone to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and debris. This accumulation of debris can result in many damages to the carpet. Clean Master Perth provides its customers with professional carpet cleaning services. We deliver all kinds of carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services in Perth. Our services are available for you 24×7 round the clock. We offer our customers affordable carpet cleaning services with no compromise on the quality delivered.

  • Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Local Service in Perth
  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning
  • Available 24×7 Round the clock
  • Fast Response in Emergency
Carpet Cleaning Perth

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

Clean Master Perth is a company that can provide you with any kind of carpet cleaning Perth service. With years of experience, we can deliver almost any kind of cleaning service you need. Depending upon your choice and the quality of carpet we can deliver the following services;

Carpet Dry Cleaning Icon
Carpet Dry Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning Icon
Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Stain Removal Icon
Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Shampooing
Carpet Shampooing
Carpet Mould Removal Icon
Carpet Mould Removal
Carpet Pet Hair Removal Icon
Carpet Pet Hair Removal
Carpet Urine Stain Removal Icon
Carpet Urine Stain Removal
Carpet Deodorisation Icon
Carpet Deodorisation

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Carpet Steam Cleaning is a modern and advanced method used for carpet cleaning. You can go for carpet steam cleaning for periodic and routine cleaning of the carpet. It’s very effective for old and stubborn stains and deliver the best stain removal results. Carpet steam cleaning is carried out by injecting pressurised hot water(steam) deeply in the carpet using best machinery. Hot water injected in the carpet will remove all the dirt, debris and pet hair and extract any amount of contaminant present in your carpets. Carpet steam cleaning is followed by instant carpet drying. The pressurised air is made to blow through the fibres of the carpet. This air helps in the evaporation of water from the carpet. Pressurised air will not only carry water extraction but also provide freshness to the fibres of the carpet. Clean master Perth is the perfect choice for carpet steam cleaning, hire our services today and get the best steam cleaning results in no time.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth

Carpet Dry cleaning is another method for routine carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal. Carpets are first cleaned thoroughly by heavy vacuum. The vacuum cleaner makes sure that all the dirt and debris is extracted from the carpet. Carpet dry cleaning is carried out by using natural and eco-friendly dry cleaning agents. Dirt and germs present in your carpets can compromise the hygiene of your home environment.

  • Carpet dry cleaning works very good in maintaining carpet hygiene and carpet sanitization.
  • Special rotary machines attached with unique brushes are used to remove sticky mud and trapped dirt from the fibres and also helps in loosening and freshening of the fibres.
  • After a thorough cleaning, carpet stain removal is carried out by using commercial products and chemicals.
  • Dry cleaning powder is then made to cover the carpet and left for some time.
  • Followed by vacuum cleaning of the carpet and removal of all the dry cleaning powder.
  • Carpet dry cleaning balances the chemical nature of the carpet and makes it more hygienic and fresh.

Why Choose Clean Master Perth For Carpet Cleaning Perth

Clean Master Perth is an age-old and experienced name in the field of professional carpet cleaning services. We have a staff of expert technicians who excel at the job of carpet cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaners work round the clock to attend your dirty carpets anytime you need. We always make sure that our customers receive the best carpet cleaning service. It is very important to prevent any further damage to the carpet while cleaning. So we always emphasis on using safe and mild products to make sure that no harm is done to the carpet. Our affordable carpet cleaning service will not only save your time but will offer the best carpet cleaning results with no compromise on our part. Go through some features of Clean Master Perth mentioned below:

  • Carpet Cleaning at Affordable Costs
  • Experienced and Trained staff of Carpet Cleaners
  • No Obligation Free Quotes
  • Emergency Services available round the clock
  • Local Service in Perth can reach your doorstep within minutes
  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning Results
  • Eco-Friendly and Green Products are Used
  • Modern Tools and Equipment are utilized
  • Quick Drying and Water Extraction
  • Safe and Mild Products are used to prevent further harm to the carpet
  • Special Carpet Cleaning methods for extending the life of the carpet

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Perth

Our day to day lives doesn’t allow us to spend any time to carry our routine carpet cleaning from time to time. Clean Master Perth is available for you round the clock to deliver the best carpet cleaning, The most important benefit of our carpet cleaning s that we deliver same day service. Our professional carpet cleaners can reach your home and attend your carpet in no time. Modern machinery and equipment are used to clean the carpets fast and effectively. With experience and training, our carpet cleaners can deliver the cleaning service within 24 hours. Hire Clean Master Perth for carpet cleaning today and get your carpets fully clean in a day without wasting any more time. Time is money, save it by hiring us today.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Perth

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Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Perth:

Do you move furniture?

We move transportable items for example chairs, tables, lounge suites and beds on the carpet. We don’t move wall units or anything with breakable items. You must clear the floor of any small items like pot plants, books or toys. We need enough space to perform the service.

Will all the stains are removed?

Our carpet cleaners are highly trained professionals. We use a special range of cleaning solutions. However, some stains may settle, which means they could be permanent. So we can’t guarantee to remove every stain.

Will my carpet shrink?

No, the carpet will not shrink with the cleaning service unless it has got some other problem. We go for inspection before cleaning the carpet.