The Flood Damage Restoration Process

Flood damages are found in any kind of location, irrespective of how elevated the area is. There are several causes behind the flooding which range from natural calamities to sewer lines or burst pipes. Irrespective of what the cause is, it is essential to call the flood restoration professionals to repair the water damage and help in restoring the properties that have flooded. This flood damage restoration process ensures that the damaged properties are effectively restored.

Flood Damage Restoration Service
Flood Damage Restoration Service

Categories of Water Damage

Mainly, there are three different categories of flood damage restoration which result from several causes. These Categories are Based on The Contamination Levels of Water Which is Responsible for The water damage restoration in Perth

  1. Category: –

    Category 1 of water damage is related to the origin of the water from a sanitary source and is healthy for the consumption. This water is not proven to be a threat to ingestion.
    The sources of this water include sprinkler systems, broken supply lines, rain, or overflowing containers that do not contain any contaminants.
    This water is known as freshwater.
  2. Category: –

    This category, the water is significantly contaminated and can cause sickness and discomfort if you ingest it or come in direct with it. This water has chemicals, microorganisms or biological matter which is unsafe. This water is called greywater.
  3. Category:

    This category of water refers to the water which is highly contaminated and contains toxic pathogenic contaminants. This raw sewage is proven to be destructive to the properties and harmful to people if the damage restoration is not entirely remediated. This black water is sourced from brackish river and stream waters, sanitary sewer backup, flooding seawater and ingress from events in which the contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides are carried into a certain h.

You must know that one category of flood damage restoration can result in a serious one if it is not addressed immediately. 

The Flood Damage Restoration Process

Repairing flood damage in your home is essential and the process starts with a proper inspection of the flood damage restoration, then the replacement of the walls, ceilings and flooring.

  1. Step – Inspection: –

    Hiring a professional to do the inspection of your home and the water damage is essential. Every inspection would determine the category of the water damage and help you in outlining the best methods of restoring your property.
  2. Step – Removal of Water: –

    Vacuums and pumps are used in your home to remove the water. However, the type of equipment to be used depends on the water damage extent. The removal of water starts soon since it is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.
  3. Step – Drying: –

    Once the standing water and surfaces are vacuumed, the process of drying and dehumidifying starts.
    It is essential to clear any remains of the moisture once the water is removed. This process of drying can take up to several weeks to complete fully.
  4. Step  – Cleaning: –

    Your belongings need to be cleaned properly and sanitized to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. Clothing, carpets and drapes are given antimicrobial treatment to prevent this growth. The moisture and particles from the air are also removed with the help of air scrubbers.
  5. Step – Restoration: –

    The largest step in the flood damage cleaning process is restoration. This helps in the replacement of materials such as drywall and insulation. This process can be simpler as well complicated depending on the water damage in your home.
Flood Damage Restoration
Flood Damage Restoration

What to Do When You Cannot Trace Out The Reason of Water Damage?

If there is unknown water damage, people may not be able to prevent the growth of mould in their home. If there is a tiny leak in the pipes or roof moths before you notice it, the process of restoration may take even longer.

In case of water damage from a source which remains untraceable the best solution is to contact Clean Master Perth.

So, that you can sit back as they take the lead and work out with your carpet water damage woes.