Most Common Tips To Care & Clean Baby Cot Mattress On Your Own

Baby cots must be always cleaned. You should be specific about the cleaning detergents and how you are cleaning them. The Baby Cot Mattress might get affected by mites causing sickness and allergies. New parents should be careful and take good care of their babies. They should know the methods of cleaning in the early stages of parenthood. You won’t find many ideas about cleaning baby cots. So, you can do it well at your home. 

Tips to the clean Baby cot mattress

  1. Wash the bedding first

Firstly, start by washing the Baby Cot Mattress. The thorough cleaning helps in removing bacteria and stains. You need to clean the mattress only once a month, so don’t be repetitive with it. Further, the safest way is to clean it in the machine or visit Clean Master Perth. So, you can wash it in high temperatures to kill any lurking bacteria. Air-dry the cot to keep it safe. Keep The bedding dry completely before making your baby sleep in it. 

  1. Remove all the stains with vinegar & lemon juice

Some Dirty Carpet are simply difficult to remove from Baby Cot Mattress. You have to take excess care of the same. You can use a natural stain remover to protect it from discoloration. Also, take 1 cup of water, 1 white vinegar, and about ¼th cup of lemon juice. Also, pour the entire thing into a mixture and spray it on top of the stains. After the mattress becomes dampened, take a microfibre cloth to remove the same. Flip the mattress to the other side and proceed with the same process. 

  1. Scrubbing of the mattress with detergent

In the case of Baby Cot Mattress, scrubbing plays such an essential role. Take a cleaning solution or a detergent to make the process work. Take 1/3th portion of the detergent in the bucket along with a sudsy solution. 

You can give a gentle scrub of the mixture and remove all the excess water. Saturate all the materials together. So, scrubbing should be done on both sides of the mattress along with the seams. 

  1. Rinsing off the mattresses with damp cloth

You can’t rinse the mattress in hot water and must wipe it repeatedly with a damp cloth. Also, take a microfibre cloth and rinse out the soap properly. You must continue the process till the Baby Cot Mattress is dry and cozy again. 

While doing the rinsing step, don’t forget the stained part too. Remove all kinds of stains that might be left. You can dab the same with a towel. This will soak as much moisture as possible from the mattress. 

Always get durable and new cots for your babies. This is necessary for the process of growing up. Make sure that Baby Cot Mattress is waterproof and doesn’t come with any holes or tears. So, the mattresses should not be saggy and without any holes in between. It’s best to invest in a waterproof cot since the babies might pee in the cots too. 


The babies will sleep for about 12 to 18 hours a day. Make sure you keep the cot covered. Baby Cot Mattress Cleaning Perth is an essential buy and you should plan for it accordingly.

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