6 Myths About Tile And Grout Cleaning

If you have to clean the bathroom or kitchen tiles then there would be a few myths that you may come across. But, make sure that you are ready to bust the myths so that you can take full advantage of things that are available for cleaning the tiles. Get ready to best tile and grout cleaning myths.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Myth 1: It is safe to make use of acids to clean the tiles

Tiles should be cleaned in such a way that they do not face any kind of wear and tear. Using acids can make them rough and can affect the look of the tiles. In one way, if you use acid on the tiles, you are damaging the same. Thus, you must never use acids to clean the tiles. Even though there are stains on the tiles, avoid using acids.

Myth 2: You just need to mop the tiles to remove grout dirt

People would mop the tiles and feel that this will also help in cleaning grout. Well, there would be too much dirt on the grout and hence it is vital that rather than just mopping the tiles, you use a scrubber and remove the dirt and grime from the grout. 

Myth 3: Wired scrubbers are good for grout cleaning

If you want to clean the grout, you may have a myth in your mind that you can use wire scrubbers. But rather than that, you need to use a soft-bristled brush. A wired brush or scrubber can affect the grout and maybe the grout will come out and get damaged. So, stay gentle on the grout while you want to do tile and grout cleaning services.

Myth 4: You don’t need to clean tiles as they do not get contaminated

You must clean the tiles well. If you feel that tiles do not get dirty or contaminated, then you are wrong. You should have a perfect cleaning schedule for tile cleaning. Do the same at regular intervals.

Myth 5: Cleaning with bleach can help in removing stains

There’s one more myth about stain cleaning on the tiles. This includes the use of bleach. You must clean the tiles with gentle and organic cleaning materials. Never use bleach for cleaning stains or mold.

Myth 6: You need not clean grout

While you are taking steps towards busting tile and grout cleaning myths you must understand that grout cleaning is equally important. You should understand that there would be grime and dirt in the grout and you should be specific about cleaning the grout for sure.


Keeping your home hygienic and in good condition is possible if you take care of even the smaller things. So, make sure that you take the right steps and find the relevant ways to remove dirt and stains from tiles and grout. Be sure about choosing the right products and busting the myths in the best possible way. These are important things and you need to take the right steps. We will provide you an obligation free quote for your tile cleaning service.

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