Carpet Cleaning and Mold Removal

Carpet can be of great importance to modern households. Although having exotic beginnings in the middle Ages, it could adorn the memorials and the big forts of monarchs and nobilities of the state. Now, it has humble belongings, as there are certain households with not-so-good economic conditions opting for carpeting of floors too, proving it is not a luxury costing a fortune anymore. Apart from that, carpets also have a vast diversity based on the material, color, type, design, age, and style of making too, making people adore them more and more. 

Carpets also need constant vigil and regular attention because of their vulnerability to certain dirt and pathogens. Included in them are the molds and fungi. They are bacterial organisms, which form due to moisture on any non-living surface. It can be considered equivalent to the rust on metals. They can destroy the carpet fibers to the core, thus leading to discoloring and permanent damage to the carpet. It can be avoided by following certain rules and conditions. 

Certain Household Cleaning Methods Can Help a Person to Get Rid of The Molds

  1. Vacuuming and Steaming –

    Steam cleaning is one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods around. It helps in not only getting rid of the dirt and dust but rigid stains as well. Vacuuming is often followed before and after a round of steam cleaning to ensure full cleaning and stain removal.
    Steaming can help in getting rid of molds to a very affective point, as the hot water and detergent mixture roots out the molds on their own, vacuums pluck out the residue and provide a clean carpet in their wake. Since they are plucked by their roots, there is no chance left for regrowth of the molds further in the carpet.

  2. Bleach –

    Bleach is often termed as an industrial as well as a local cleaning agent and disinfectant. This also made way for the carpet cleaning essentials to involve bleach as a primary cleaning and professional carpet stain removal agent. Bleach, being a good industrial disinfectant, helps in rooting out bleach out of the carpet for good.

    • Pour the bleach on the molds and around its roots.
    • Let it sit for a while, like 30-40 minutes.
    • As soon as the molds seem to be loose, pluck them out using a vacuum or tweezers.
    • Wash the area with a detergent base and a moist cloth.
    • Pat dry with a paper towel and remove excess moisture. 
  3. Experts Carpet Cleaners
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide –

    Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent industrial-grade disinfectant and antiseptic. It is known for its anti-microbial properties, and also how it helps in getting rid of certain bacteria and fungi. This is extended in the carpet cleaning segment as well, in the removal of molds from the carpet.

    • Pour the hydrogen peroxide on the affected area.
    • Let it sit and burn out the mold from its roots.
    • Once it’s been rooted out, pluck it or remove it using vacuums.
    • Wash the area with a detergent base and a moist cloth.
    • Pat dry with a paper towel and remove excess moisture from the carpet.

People should consider talking and consulting with the professional carpet cleaning in Perth regarding these types of situations before indulging in it. Careless misconception can result in a damaged carpet, not good for the household, or the professionals of Clean Master Perth hired to clean it in the future. It is strongly advised to consult the professionals and then proceed in the mold removal process.